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I knew I was going to take the wrong train, so I left early. - Yogi Berra

I am not a photographer and these images are not mine. If I am stepping on anyone's toes by posting these wonderful images, let me know, and I will remove the images. I do not make any money from this blog.
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    Horama panthalon - Moth | ©Alain Tremblay   (Sint Maarten island, Carribean)

    The Texas Wasp MothHorama panthalon (Arctiidae) is a striking day-flying moth that looks like a paper wasp. It has the abdomen striped purplish brown and yellow, white toward base. Wings dull brown with no markings. Hind leg yellow with black base and tuft (hair scales) in male [1].  

    This species is found in the southern United States, Mexico, Central America, South America, and the Antilles [2].

    According with Dietz IV, and Duckworth (1976)Horama panthalon has three subspecies:

    • Those populations from the Lesser Antilles and from mainland South America are to be considered color forms and integrate the subspecies H. panthalon panthalon. 
    • Populations from Mexico and the southern United States are H. panthalon texana.
    • Populations from southern South America are H. panthalon viridifusa.


    Neptunes necklace and sea lecttuce | ©Steve Axford   (Australia)

    Hormosira banksii (Fucales - Hormosiraceae) is a species of brown algae found in Australia and New Zealand. It is a distinctive algae made up of strings of hollow, water-filled, round or oval-shaped beads joined together by a short stalk [1], by what is commonly known as Neptune’s necklace, Neptune’s pearls, Sea grapes or Bubbleweed [2].

    Hormosira banksii often occurs in vast colonies forming a thick covering over most of the rock surface at mid-tide levels down to the Galeolaria zone on some rocky shores. The dense colony of fronds can form a protective microhabitat where many mollusks, worms and small crustaceans shelter [1].

    On the other hand, the Sea lettuce is an edible green algae in the genus Ulva (Ulvales - Ulvaceae).

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